Good morning!
Text:  Luke 19-21; Ecclesiastes 4
When Jesus sets the stage for His “triumphal entry” into Jerusalem on that very first Palm Sunday, He sends two of His disciples to fetch the colt of a donkey.  If someone protests, He tells them to say;
The Lord has need of it.” (Luke 19:31)
Those are challenging words.  I am asking myself, “What is it of mine which the Lord needs?”  Have I released it, or do I yet cling to it… as if it is “mine”?   Jesus asks us to surrender all.  We are His – He bought us with His blood.  All that we are – our time, our talents, our treasure, our bodies, our thoughts, our relationships, our very lives – all are His.  Imagine if you were that colt.  Jesus sends for you, and you are being untied from the hitching post that binds you.  When you or anybody else protests, you hear these words; “The Lord has need of it.”  And you are off and away to serve Jesus.  Well?
in Him,  Mike