Good morning!
Text: 1 Corinthians 6-8; Psalm 98
These passages in 1 Corinthians call us upward to lives of purity, lived well and unto the Lord.  When it comes to disputes, we settle our differences in the Lord, with grace, forgiveness and humility – and we do not go to the courts.  When it comes to sexual morality, we understand that our body is not our own, it is the Lord’s – so all we do must honor Him.  When it comes to our Christian service, we are to be fully given over to serve Him – and avoid worldly entanglements.  A key verse in the midst of all of these “ought to” concepts is 6:14:
 “And God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power.”
The pull of the world, the urgings of our flesh, and the deceit of the enemy are very strong.  It is hard to get pure and hard to stay pure.  But our God, the One who was able to raise Jesus from the dead, is in us and with us.  The word, “raised” is past tense, pointing us back to the historical truth of the resurrection and the proof of God’s power.   The “will” is future tense and is the word of His promise.  Our God is both able to lift us up out of impurity, and His the Word here says that he is intent upon doing so.  He “will.”
In what area of impurity do you struggle?  Give it over to Him who raised Christ Jesus from the dead.  He will indeed raise you up!
in Him,  Mike