Good morning!

Text: 1 Chronicles 21-23; Song of Solomon 3
King David is denied the privilege of building the temple. that permanent place of worship of his God. The task falls to his David’s son, Solomon.  David passes on the vision of his heart for a house of the Lord, great material provisions, and charges to both his son and the myriad workers. When he instructs the workers, he says this:

“Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God. Arise and build the sanctuary of the Lord God…” (1 Chronicles 22:19)

There are two assignments given here.  First, to set minds and hearts to seek the Lord.  Second, to arise and build.  Curious.  This is a powerful reminder to me that my first job is to seek the Lord. All those items on my to-do list come after.  They are always secondary.  Perhaps your day today is going to be quiet or perhaps it will be busy.  Maybe your life right now is being overwhelmed with things that “must” get done.  Whatever the case, the starting point, the very first task, is to set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.
By the way, my personal experience is that when you pray for an extended period before a busy agenda, the Lord always redeems that time you spent with Him.  Always.
in Him, Mike