Good morning!
Text: 1 Chronicles 12-14; Ecclesiastes 12
1 Chronicles is filled with lists of names – genealogies and, at the opening of Chapter 12, mighty men who helped King David in war.  They are described in 12:2 by their skills:
“They were bowmen and could shoot arrows and sling stones with either the right or the left hand…”
Maybe you are a warrior, or maybe you are peacemaker.  Maybe you are a musician, or maybe you prepare and serve food.  Whatever we do, we use skills the Lord has given us. Apparently, these men had serious skills, developed with hard work and practice, training and sacrifice. How about us?  What aptitude has the Lord given to you?  Have you invested in developing your skill to excellence?   Like David’s men, may we hone our skills that our service of the Lord might be the best it can possibly be.
in Him,  Mike