Good morning!

Text:  Romans 14;  1 Samuel 23-24

The Scriptures are full of words and ideas that can really make us think.  Romans 14 ends with one:

“For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.”  (Romans 14:23)

Think about the parts and bits of life where we might operate without God in mind.  Maybe it is that morning routine at the bathroom sink washing your face and brushing your teeth.  How about the choices made about how to spend an hour you just found to be “free”,  like when a meeting gets cancelled?   How about that decision about whether to obey God in an opportunity that seems right but risky?  Or, how about this – I know Jesus has set me free from law and given me grace, but I nevertheless fall into legalism.  How I handle my toothbrush doesn’t seem like a big deal, but letting fear or pride compromise my trust in the Lord… this is dangerous.   The various ways Christians are responding to the Coronavirus  right now puts our faith on display.  Am I afraid of the virus?  Or am I proud that I am fearless as I judge others for their fear?   This verse suggests that whenever we are in a place where our trust of God and our right view of His power, ability, character, and Word is not our guide, we had better watch out.  To be faithless is to be in sin.

in Him, Mike