Good morning!
Today is a reflection day.
Yesterday we read Colossians.  A verse close to my heart is 1:17.
“And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”
When I was a Navy flight student and began helicopter training, I learned that the mechanical nut that fastened the rotor to the top of the shaft was known as the “Jesus Nut.”  We were taught to inspect it carefully before any flight, because if it failed the helicopter would crash for sure.  I had not yet come to faith, but was prompted to share that with my parents.
Soon after, my sister had a bout with cancer.  My mom put a hardware store nut on a jewelry chain and sent it to my sister, telling her it was a “Jesus Nut.”  She could wear it as her constant reminder of the truth of Colossians 1:17.  About 15 years later I met Jesus and discovered the power of this truth.  Without Jesus, not just our lives, but the entire universe would fall apart!
in Him,  Mike