Good morning!

Text:  Luke 4-6; Psalm 93
In regular reading of God’s Word, verses that have touched my life before sometimes speak anew. In this way, Luke 6:40 drew my attention.

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

Are you a disciple of Jesus?  If so, then these words tell you where you are headed.  When Jesus is done with you, you will be like Jesus.  Think of that.  Jesus who is all loving, wise, kind, uncompromising, holy, obedient, humble, gentle, powerful, self-sacrificing…
Are you in a role where you teach others?  If so, then you can expect them to become like you. Are you a worthy model?
I have in my mind’s eye a great and long procession of disciples of Jesus, each following the other toward our Lord and Savior.  This verse speaks clearly that, as we are all in that procession, we better make sure the line from ourselves to Jesus is unbroken.   Be careful whom you follow, and be careful when you teach. Otherwise, we might turn out looking like someone besides Jesus.
in Him, Mike