Good morning!

Text:  Psalm 52-54

Psalm 53 is interesting in that it basically identical to Psalm 14.  They both begin with these words of truth:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”  (Psalm 53:1)

I once heard it told that an atheist brought a lawsuit claiming that it was unfair that our country celebrated religious holidays like Christmas.  He cited that atheists have no such holidays.  The judge retorted,”Of course, they do.  April 1st is the atheist’s day, the holiday for fools”  The Scriptures and good reason both tell us that even a simple observation of the incredible natural creation around us tells us that there is a God.  And the complexity of human existence with concepts like trust and love, the accomplishment of cultures, arts and sciences – they all say that there must be a God.  Only a fool could miss it.  How then is it possible for so many “smart” people to reject belief in God?  A key is in the original Hebrew word for “fool”.  The word wraps lack understanding and warped reason in the darkness of moral depravity.  The fool who refuses to believe in God does so not for lack of intellect, but because of the incredible strength and power of the sinners desire that there be no God.   But God can change hearts!  Pray on this as you work to share Jesus with such people.

in Him,  Mike