Good morning!

Text: Psalms 61-63
The Psalms are worthy of reflection, filled with honesty, hope, praise and reminders of our deep dependence upon the Lord.  The Psalms give us words of strength and comfort for every day.  As we go through life, it is easy to think that the Lord is leading us forward.  We face a difficult day, and we ask the Lord to see us through it.  That said, consider the words of  Psalm 61:2:
“Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
The Lord leads us upward.  He takes us to the high places.  Rather than carry us through hard passages, He lifts us up and over.  We are invited to lift our eyes up from the road, up beyond the horizon, to the rock that is higher than ourselves.  Think about it – after we go through a difficult time we usually find ourselves in a new and better spot – a higher place.  Upward, upward is our prayer.  Take us up, Lord.  Amen.
in Him, Mike