Good morning!

Text:  Acts 13  (Joshua 15-16)
In Acts we find many examples of the presentation of the Gospel.  When addressing Jewish audiences, the apostles begun by recounting God’s redemptive history with their people.  Such is the case when Paul addresses the synagogue in Psidian Antioch.  In his message he refers to David, the king from whose lineage Messiah will come.  Speaking of David, he says these words:

For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep… (Acts 13:36)

What a clear and simple epitaph for a faithful servant of the Lord God.  Would it not be wonderful to have our lives described that way?  That we had fully and faithfully served the purpose of God in our own generation would be the highest achievement.
That brings us two challenges:  First, do I know His purposes for my life?  And second, am I indeed serving those purposes?  Perhaps a good way to get at those questions is to pray and ask that today, just this one day, He guide us to live in line with His purposes,  and that He might move us to serve Him fully.  And, then, pray for the same again tomorrow.
in Him, Mike