Good morning!

Text:  John 3;  Numbers 23-24)
The opening chapters of John have great personal importance to me.  It was the story of Jesus’ first miracle – the water turned to wine – that the Lord used to convert me.  And it was the words about how the Spirit is like the wind (3:8 ) that the Lord used to call me into a life following Jesus.  In today’s read through, 3:30 hit home:

He must increase, but I must decrease.

We need to be living our lives so that people see Jesus in us, front and center.   When they encounter us the impression we make should be the impression of our great Savior.  This is our great and high calling.   Sometimes, I know that people can’t see Jesus when I am around because I am blocking the view.  I have learned to keep asking myself, “Am I too big for my britches?”  I must decrease that Jesus might increase in my life.   My prayer is, “Lord, when it might be about me, lead me to dial it down.  Help me to dial it up about you, Jesus.”
in Him,  Mike