Good morning!
Text:  James 1-3; Psalm 50
The Book of James is packed full of powerful truth and instruction for the Christian life.  In today’s reading, the verse that stood out for me was 2:17.
 So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.
There are people in our world who claim Christ but live their lives no differently from the world around them.  Their language, habits, aspirations and affections seem unaffected by the words and reality of Jesus.  There is an expression that I have heard – “carnal Christians” – that describes the lifestyle.  They go to church on Sundays, but live a worldly life Monday through Saturday. Whew!  I am sure glad I am not like that….  or am I?
As I write about these folks, it makes me ask myself this question: “Given what I believe, where in my life am I failing to act like I believe?”  Immediately some harder questions come:  “Why do I get anxious about things outside of my control?” “If Jesus is Lord and Jesus is good, then why don’t I relinquish the things that are in my control?” “Why do I neglect prayer?”  “Why do I cling to the use of my time as if it is my own?” I could go on…
Faith that is real is faith that is lived out.  If I believe it, I must do it.
in Him,  Mike