Good morning!

Jesus’ teaching in these Matthew passages is rich and full of challenge.  I took special note of 18:20 as I was reading:

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

For the believer, we have Jesus’ constant companionship in accordance with His promise and by the Holy Spirit.  But something special happens when we gather with other believers.  He joins us. To experience the presence of Jesus in this life, it happens with power when we have gathered with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  It happens when we worship together and when we pray in a group.  It happens when we meet to do His work (the context of this verse is the coming together of believers to help a brother in sin).  It is unlike anything we can experience when we worship, approach or serve Jesus alone.

There is no place to meet with Jesus like the place where the people of Jesus are gathered.  The presence of Jesus Himself is the great privilege of His church gathered.  I can’t wait for Sunday!

Text:  Matthew 17-19; Psalm 65

in Him, Mike