Good morning!

Text:  John 6  (Numbers 29-30)

Jesus is pressing hard in the words recorded in John 6, making the case that people need to look beyond their immediate and physical needs.  The wonderful truth is that Jesus meets our eternal and spiritual needs – needs that are much greater.  And Jesus makes clear His connection with God the Father.

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.  (John 6:44)

I can recall that in the days before I gave my life to Jesus, I had a clear sense that God was calling me.  I had encounters with Bible verses that gave me chills.  My thought life was being invaded by spiritual things – thoughts of God.  This is what God does.  He reaches out to us.  He takes a hold of our hearts and He draws us.  And He takes us to the time and place where we will hear the Good News and say “yes” to Jesus.  And if the Father does not draw… nothing.  This means that when you and I have a conversation with someone who is far from God and they get curious or interested, the Father is at work.  This means that when you see them moving toward God, the door is being opened for the Gospel.  God is drawing them, like the smell of something delicious.  All we have to do is tell them the story.

in Him, Mike