Good morning!
Text:  Psalms 28-30
Different people react to adversity differently.  I know some who struggle for quite some time when they experience a loss or a setback.  Others bounce right back – after a disagreement or a disappointment it seems like no time at all and they are cheerful and “over it.”  Psalm 30:5 holds a marvelous truth for us, especially if we are the sort that gets stuck in troubles in our inner thoughts.
“His anger is but for a moment and His favor is for a lifetime.Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.”
No matter how difficult the moment seems, we have the favor of our Lord for ever and ever.   No night lasts forever, even if we are experiencing the “dark night of the soul”. Every grief will be replaced by the dawn of a new day for those in the Lord.    Psalm 30:11 nails it  –
“You have turned my mourning into dancing!”
I am so glad these verses got my attention.  I think back to when I have experienced rough patches and how these words are true.  The Lord indeed is able to lift our spirits above the moment and in due time able to replace gloom with light, sorrow with joy, even dancing.  Maybe you are in the thick of something right now that has you downcast.  May He lift your spirit by His Word and the power of His promise.
in Him,  Mike