Good morning!

Text:  Luke 2  (Leviticus 1-2)

When Jesus is twelve years old, he accompanies Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.  After the feast, their entourage leaves to return home to Nazareth, but Jesus stays behind.  After a search, He is found at the temple, listening to the teaching and asking questions.  Mary calls Him out for staying behind, then Jesus says these words:

“Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” (Luke 2:49)

Implied, but quite clear, is that Jesus understands that He is the Son of God.  And “I must be in my Father’s house” is a clear statement of both mandate and mission.  The word “house” does not actually appear in the original language, so Jesus is basically saying that His life is required to be lived in the Father’s “things” – His business, His will, His Word, His “house”.  Jesus is being exemplary here – setting the example for you and for me.  If we are in Christ, our lives are to be centered on the Lord.  He is to be our priority, and the things He has prepared for us to do are always our top job.  For some, that may seem a burden, but isn’t it a relief to know our purpose in life?  May our lives glorify God and lead people to Jesus.

in Him, Mike