Good morning!   Today is a reflection day.  These are the words that open Psalm 42:
“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”
The image is clear – a deer living in desert country – seeking water to quench a deep thirst.  Imagine the deep thirst, the longing, the single focus that consumes all.  Of course, the reason the deer pants for streams of water is because the deer is parched – has gone without water – and is desperate need.  Water is essential for life.  Survival depends upon it.
When I was a fairly new Christian we sang a song in our church entitled “As The Deer.” We had a friend who cried whenever we sang this song.  She had a sensitive heart, the sort that breaks over the same things that break God’s heart.  I still remember the emotion of seeing her as tears streamed down her cheeks.  The words of the song and the memory of her tears still give me a lump in my throat whenever that song is sung.
The words of Psalm 42:1 capture the deep desire for God of a soul in the desert.  The verses that follow describe sorrow and the longing to be able to worship Him.  They are words of a soul thirst, deep and penetrating.
Do you thirst for God?  There is great news.  Jesus has given us the water to drink – living water.  He has said that the one who drinks the water he offers will never thirst again.
in Him,   Mike