Good morning!

Text:  Hebrews 7-10; Psalm 26
Hebrews is not easy lifting.  In it we find the vital bridge between the Old Covenant of the Law of Moses and the New Covenant we have in Christ Jesus.  This rich text is worthy of careful study. One verse that stands out for me today is this:

“…but my righteous one shall live by faith…”  (Hebrews 10:38)

You and I understand that we are saved by faith – that it is our trusting belief in Jesus that opens our path to forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  But the tilt of these words is a bit different.  We shall live by faith.  Not just our destiny, but our everyday lives should be established and marked by our ongoing, everyday trust in Jesus.   If you and I live by faith, we can release all our fears and concerns to Him.  This brings a simple challenge for today.  Is there some area of your life today where you are worried, fearful, fretting, or uncertain?  Do you face some obstacle or some great opportunity that seems beyond your reach today?  Are you trusting Jesus for everything today?
in Him, Mike