Good morning!
Text: Deuteronomy 14-16; Psalm 44
A theme that repeats in the Old Testament is the “jubilee” and the “Sabbath year” – where debts are forgiven, slaves released and land restored to its ancestral ownership.  Every time I read of this it reminds me that God owns everything, that I am just a manager, and generosity is rewarded.  In today’s reading, I underlined these words:

“…every creditor shall release what he has lent to his neighbor …But there will be no poor among you; for the Lord will bless you…”  (Deuteronomy 15:2, 4)

I hold on to things because I believe I will need them in the future.  I am afraid to release the “bird in the hand” because it will fly away.  Moreover, I have trouble giving of time I think is “mine”.  The same is true of plans I have invested in.
As I contemplate this, it occurs to me that this is not just about financial wealth.  There is a powerful precept here.  If and when we release that which we value, the Lord will bless us. God is the source of every provision – and He will redeem that which I surrender.  It is how He works.  First I trust, then He provides.
So – a challenge:  What do I hold most tightly?  It is time to let it go.
in Him,  Mike