Good morning!

Text: Psalm 25-27
Psalm 27 opens with these words:

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid?

Fear can be a constant companion.   Fear can rob us of joy.  It can infect our hearts and stop us dead in our tracks.  I can be fearful about personal things, ministry responsibilities, relationship issues and future events with uncertain outcomes.  Are you fearful?
The words of this verse are powerful and positive.  The Lord is the light we need, dispelling threats of darkness like deceit, evil, and ignorance.  He is our salvation – the promise of certain rescue from all harm.  And He is the stronghold of our lives, a fortress where no assault can succeed.  Notice that these words are personal.  See the word “my”?  “The Lord is my light and my salvation…the stronghold of my life.”  So, whom shall I fear?  No one.
in Him,  Mike