Good morning!

Text: Psalms 22-24
Much of our recent reading in the Old Testament has been pointing toward Jesus.  One text we read which is among the most often quoted in the New Testament is Psalm 22.  These familiar words, spoken by Jesus on the cross, open this Psalm:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

These bleak words of desolation remind us of the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf.  He not only suffered the intense physical pain of death by crucifixion, but He experienced the excruciating spiritual agony of being forsaken by His loving Father.  That pain was indeed our due – by our sin we earned and deserve that pain.  But Jesus took it in our place.  What love!  What sacrifice!  And by His incredible act on our behalf we are completely forgiven our sins, restored to our great God, and granted the gift of eternal life.  Too good to be true?  It seems so, but it is true.  That’s the glorious Gospel.  Pretty intense, yes?

So…. have you told anybody the Good News recently?
in Him, Mike