Good morning!

Text:  Mark 10;  Exodus 25-26

As Mark 10 opens, Jesus is confronted by religious leaders trying to trip Him up.  They use the topic of divorce.  Jesus clearly states that God’s plan from the beginning has always been that marriage is a life-long commitment.  Jesus concludes with these words:

“What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”  Mark 10:9

These are words of commandment and they are clear – divorce is not approved by God.  That said, many marriages fail, a painful result of humanity’s fallen nature.  As a pastor, when I teach about this I often encounter the pain of those who have been through a divorce. They have been hurt by the  breakup and they can feel guilt upon the hearing God’s Word on the matter.  Jesus’ words here take me to two thoughts.  First, whenever a marriage is in trouble we as the Body of Christ are called to do whatever we can to bring the healing and wholeness, love and forgiveness such that any troubled marriage survives and beyond that, thrives.   And, for those who have divorced, may we always be sources of healing, comfort, mercy, grace and forgiveness.  Just like Jesus, we stand against the sin before it happens.  And just like Jesus, we do whatever it takes to heal and forgive.

in Him, Mike