Good morning!
Text: Zechariah 7-10; Song of Solomon 7
Today’s text is filled with gemstones – it was hard to choose what passage to comment on.  For me, this stood out:

On that day the Lord their God will save them,
as the flock of his people;
for like the jewels of a crown
they shall shine on his land. (Zechariah 9:16)

Here the prophet sees a future time of deliverance for God’s people.  When God’s grace is bestowed on a people, when He has set them free from captivity, they become as gemstones – jewels of a crown.  And they “shall shine on his land.”  I recall Jesus’ words when He tells us that we are the “light of the world.”  In this season – when the days are short and the nights are long – both literally (it is December) and figuratively (read the news),  we are to shine.  So, how is your light?  Is it bright?
in Him, Mike