Good morning!

Text:  Psalms 142-144

I was recently reminded of a great practice when reading Scripture, one I learned from a “Navigators” curriculum years ago.  The practice is to have a set reading schedule for the Bible each day.  When reading, underline parts that are attention-getting.  Then, after reading, double back and ask which underlined bit seems the most important.  Finally, write a few words of how that text spoke.  For me, in today’s readings, this stood out:

Bow your heavens, O Lord, and come down!
    Touch the mountains so that they smoke!  (Psalm 144:5)

How did this verse speak to me today?  It reminded me that heaven, the realm of God and His angels, is very real.  It is also very near.  All the Lord needs to do to invade our reality with the incredible, indescribable reality of His space, is to warp heaven, to bow it, and bring it into contact.  I think of the dramatic stories I have heard  – and even lived – of changed hearts, healings and “coincidences” that show us that God can do this and that He actually does.  We have seen the “mountains smoke”.  Finally, note that these words are a prayer.  Need a touch of heaven? Ask… and buckle up

in Him, Mike