Good morning!
Text:  Psalm 124-126
Psalm 124 opens with some words that make me think:
If it had not been the Lord who was on our side—
This Psalm of “ascents” – meaning one for use to prepare God’s people for worship – then goes on the cite how horrible things might have happened to God’s own people, but that God had protected them so they were spared.  I am moved to consider all the dangerous passages of life I have been through.   Many of the hard places in my life occurred before I met Jesus, yet He must have been there, keeping me safe.   I look back knowing the Lord had a plan for me.  What an amazing idea.  The Lord has been on my side.  Even when I was lost and in sin and rejecting the Gospel, the Lord was on my side!  And this is true for all of us who call Him Lord!
Thank God for His sovereign protection, guidance and care.
in Him (and grateful for it!) , Mike