Good morning!
Text: Daniel 4-6; Psalm 144
Thrice in today’s Daniel text the Lord uses his servant Daniel to bring the knowledge of God to pagan kings.  God humbles Nebuchadnezzar with seven years of insanity, God judges Belshazzar, and God reveals Himself to Darius.
In that last case (Chapter 6), we see Daniel as an example for us.  The decree is made that people could only pray to the king, yet Daniel prays to God.  This is not new – it was his habit – three times daily he prayed.  When he is apprehended, the king is greatly distressed – evidence that Daniel had a good and strong relationship with Darius.  Daniel is cast into the lions’ den and the Lord brings a miracle.  Darius is delighted, and praises God, saying words like:
He delivers and rescues;
    he works signs and wonders
    in heaven and on earth,
he who has saved Daniel
    from the power of the lions.(6:27)
See the pattern?  Ready for a challenge?  Here it comes:  Am I faithful to serve the Lord even when it might bring me harm?  Do I pray regularly as part of my everyday life?  Do I work to establish strong friendships with unsaved people?  Do I trust God for miracles – even if it means personal risk?  Do I share the supernatural part of my life with others?
in Him,  Mike