Good morning!

Text:  2 Peter 2  (Job 15-16)

This chapter of 2 Peter is harsh in its treatment of false teachers, speaking words of condemnation and worse.  Consider:

These are waterless springs and mists driven by a storm. For them the gloom of utter darkness has been reserved.  (2 Peter 2:17)

To pretend to represent the Lord and then to speak falsehood is a very serious matter.  To lead people away from God’s only pathway to life is deplorable.  Especially vile is to lie to an entire congregation when those lies deny them the saving grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In our times, there are many doing this.  Some preach false Gospels of health and wealth.  Some reassure people that there is no justice ahead for the unrighteous and that sin does no harm.  As Peter writes, a special place of awful punishment is reserved for them.  But for the here and now, especially for the sake of those being deceived, let us pray for the conversion or removal of all the false preachers.

in Him, Mike