Good morning!

Text:  Matthew 12 (Genesis 23-24)

As Jesus teaches He confronts religious hypocrisy and also delivers powerful truth for us as His followers.  Consider this nugget:

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”   (Matthew 12:34)

For many ailments today, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, doctors recommend self-exams for awareness of early symptoms.  If we take their advice, we will know we need help and seek it before it is too late.  The truth Jesus brings here is that this is also true of the spiritual condition of our hearts.  You see, it is our heart’s condition that defines what we say.  Two ideas come to mind.  First, if our speech is harsh, coarse, mean or sensual, we know we have a heart “condition.”  And second, if our speech is not right, then the part of ourselves that needs treatment is our heart.  And now for the good news – Jesus is able to change hearts.

in Him, Mike