Good morning!

Text: Genesis 30-32; Psalm 11
After Jacob’s years in Paddan Aram serving his father-in-law Laban, Jacob packs up the wives, kids and livestock and heads west to return to Canaan.  Laban takes pursuit and there is a tense encounter.  Afterward, Jacob resumes his trek west, out of the frying pan and headed into the fire, for his brother Esau lies ahead.  You will recall that Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright, stole their father Isaac’s blessing, and Esau had set his heart to kill Jacob.  In this threatening setting we find these words:
Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him.  And when Jacob saw them he said, “This is God’s camp!” So he called the name of that place Mahanaim. (Genesis 32:1-2).
That word, “Mahanaim” means “two camps”. The scene here is that God’s angels are with Jacob and his family in large numbers providing safety and security.  I don’t often think about God’s angels, so this picture gets my attention.  When I have concerns in life, I know the Lord is with me.  But to imagine an angel army as part of His protection brings even more peace to my heart.  So, are you in a stressful situation, concerned about threats and harm?  Do you believe in angels?  You do know the Lord’s got you surrounded, right?
in Him, Mike